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National Archive Catalogue Entries - RAIL 532 - North Staffordshire Railway

RAIL 532/1 Proprietors' meetings 1846-1902
RAIL 532/2 Proprietors' meetings 1903-1923
RAIL 532/3 Directors' meetings: includes prospectus of North Staffordshire or Churnet Potteries & Trent Junction Railway 1845-1846
RAIL 532/4 Directors' and committee meetings 1846-1851
RAIL 532/5 Directors' Meetings 1851-1863
RAIL 532/6 Directors' Meetings 1863-1875
RAIL 532/7 Directors' Meetings 1876-1895
RAIL 532/8 Directors' Meetings 1895-1915
RAIL 532/9 Directors' Meetings 1915-1923
RAIL 532/10 Finance Committee 1846-1851
RAIL 532/11 Finance Committee 1851-1856
RAIL 532/12 Finance Committee 1856-1861
RAIL 532/13 Finance Committee 1861-1867
RAIL 532/14 Traffic Committee 1848-1851
RAIL 532/15 Traffic Committee 1851-1856
RAIL 532/16 Traffic Committee 1856-1861
RAIL 532/17 Traffic Committee 1861-1867
RAIL 532/18 Traffic and Finance Committee 1867-1874
RAIL 532/19 Traffic and Finance Committee 1874-1884
RAIL 532/20 Traffic and Finance Committee 1884-1895
RAIL 532/21 Traffic and Finance Committee 1895-1903
RAIL 532/22 Traffic and Finance Committee 1903-1911
RAIL 532/23 Traffic and Finance Committee 1911-1918
RAIL 532/24 Traffic and Finance Committee 1918-1923
RAIL 532/25 Stores Committee 1911-1922
RAIL 532/26 Reports to directors and returns to Board of Trade 1847-1868
RAIL 532/27 Conference between London & North Western Railway Company and North Staffordshire Railway Company (NS): minutes 1853-1866
RAIL 532/28 Churnet Valley line register of shareholders [c.1847]
RAIL 532/29 North Staffordshire Railway stock and share `A' register 1911-1922
RAIL 532/30 Plans of Market Drayton line and branches [c.1910]
RAIL 532/31 Contract plans: Tunstall and Leek lines; signed by Charles Cheffins 1864 Feb
RAIL 532/32 Contract plans: Leek, Caldon Low and Hartington Light Railways; with plan of proposed alterations on ... 1900
RAIL 532/33 Contract plans: Silverdale, Madeley and Drayton lines 1864
RAIL 532/34 Contract plans: bridge at Brook Street, Macclesfield and section plan of North Rode to Uttoxeter Undated
RAIL 532/35 Register of documents sealed 1846-1923
RAIL 532/36 Index to references to NS in Railway Magazine and other periodicals, compiled by C A Moreton 1897-1953
RAIL 532/37 Fares and rates book: L - W 1899-1923
RAIL 532/38 General instructions concerning goods, mineral and live stock traffic: edition kept at Congleton Station 1869
RAIL 532/39 Distance diagram: branch canals from Trent and Mersey Canal 1887 Sept
RAIL 532/40 Books of single line working forms 1923 Jan
RAIL 532/41 Coloured engraving: Dane Viaduct 1849
RAIL 532/42 Coloured engraving: Congleton Viaduct 1849
RAIL 532/43 Signalling diagrams: stations and junctions 1914
RAIL 532/44 Main Line: Hibel Road to 12m 21c Undated
RAIL 532/45 Main Line: 18m 65c to 38m 38c Undated
RAIL 532/46 Main Line: Audley Line, James Branch and Biddulph Valley Line Undated
RAIL 532/47 Biddulph Valley Line. Leek Line and Churnet Valley Line Undated
RAIL 532/48 Crewe Line and Audley Line Undated
RAIL 532/49 Photographs: bridges and tunnels on various lines Undated
RAIL 532/50 Index of plans of NS's railways and canals: with opening dates 1909 Jan
RAIL 532/51 Scale of charges: warehouse rent, wharfage demurrage and siding rent 1913 Apr
RAIL 532/52 Specimen blank consignment notes [c.1890]
RAIL 532/53 Metal second class free pass Undated
RAIL 532/54 Tender and contract form for locomotives and carriages 1849
RAIL 532/55 Passenger and goods locomotive schemes: weekday and Sunday 1868 Aug
RAIL 532/56 Diagram: age of coaching stock 1916 Dec
RAIL 532/57 Diagram: vans and carriages Undated
RAIL 532/58 Traffic Department book 1869-1917
RAIL 532/59 Traffic Department book 1869-1912
RAIL 532/60 Telegraph Department register 1870-1914
RAIL 532/61 Telegraph Department register 1872-1923
RAIL 532/62 Register: no 1, 1 - 606 1873-1920
RAIL 532/63 Register: no 2, 607 - 1208 1882-1922
RAIL 532/64 Register: no 3, 1209 - 1808 1874-1923
RAIL 532/65 Index to RAIL 532/62-64 1873-1923
RAIL 532/66 Register: mainly traffic 1878-1914
RAIL 532/67 Register: no 1, clerks, station masters and traffic 1847-1922
RAIL 532/68 Agreement with Anderton Company: lease of wharves 1894
RAIL 532/69 Agreement concerning through tolls between Runcorn Anderton Lift and Manchester, south Staffordshire ... 1894
RAIL 532/70 Survey by C F Cheffins, surveyor: alteration of Crewe branch, alteration at Willington, branch to Ap ... 1846
RAIL 532/71 Ticket for opening trip 1848 Oct 9
RAIL 532/72 Guard's return of goods train 1849
RAIL 532/73 Two bronze medallions: bowls competition and whist league championship 1922-1924
RAIL 532/74 Five photographs, including 30 ton bogie bolster trollies Undated
RAIL 532/75 Truck Act rules 1896
RAIL 532/76 Route tables for goods traffic 1905
RAIL 532/77 English and Scotch goods rate book for Chesterton 1893
RAIL 532/78 Company bill: evidence and proceedings 1879
RAIL 532/79 Company Acts 1846-1895
RAIL 532/80 Various posters printed by Allbut and Daniel, Hanley, including poster for Cheadle Railway Various
RAIL 532/81 Mow Cop to Shugborough: longitudinal sections; Mow Cop - Stoke, Stoke - Stone, Stone - Shugborough; contract drawings [1847]
RAIL 532/82 Norton Bridge Branch: field plan, longitudinal section [1850]
RAIL 532/83 Waterhouses & Hulme End Light Rly (Manifold Valley): plans of line showing purchases; Waterhouse ... [1900]
RAIL 532/84 Undertaking and indemnity between London, Midland & Scottish Railway Company (LMS) and NS: NS tr ... 1923 Jan
RAIL 532/85 Agreement between T Bolton & Sons and NS: electricity supply for lighting Oakamoor Station and r ... 1918 Mar
RAIL 532/86 Lease from NS to Chatterley Whitfield Collieries Ltd: sidings, wharf and premises at Longport for se ... 1904 Feb
RAIL 532/87 Agreement between Cheddleton Asylum Committee and NS: lighting of Leek Brook Engine Shed 1918 May
RAIL 532/88 Agreement between NS and Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway Company (LMV): working and mainten ... 1905 May
RAIL 532/89 Indenture between LMV and NS: concerning debt of £315 owed by LMV to Cravens Ltd for transportation ... 1908 Nov
RAIL 532/90 Agreement between Lords Commissioners of HM Treasury and LMV & NS: special advance out of public ... 1903 May
RAIL 532/91 Agreement between NS and LMV: supplemental and varying working agreement dated 23 May 1905 1912 Jan
RAIL 532/92 Agreement between NS and LMV and contract between NS and Hutchinson & Co: construction of railwa ... 1901 Dec
RAIL 532/93 Guarantee from Charles Bill (Member of Parliament, Woodhouse, Cheadle, Staffs), Sir Thomas Wardle (o ... 1901 Dec
RAIL 532/94 Correspondence: contracts for LMV 1901 July - Aug
RAIL 532/95 Agreement between Stafford Coal & Iron Co Ltd and NS: electricity supply 1920 Apr
RAIL 532/96 Certificates of justices concerning payment of capitol and borrowing powers 1867 Jan
RAIL 532/97 Lease from Margaret Cartlidge (widow, Burslem, Staffs sole executrix of Sarah Gallimore) to George W ... 1848 July; 1849 May
RAIL 532/98 Agreement between NSR and George Wigley for letting Railway Hotel, Field Place, Stone 1849 May
RAIL 532/99 Conditional bill of sale from George Wigley to NSR for securing £400 and interest 1850 Sept
RAIL 532/100 Agreement from George Wigley to continue as tenant of Field Place Hotel (same property as Railway Ho ... 1853-1854
RAIL 532/101 Demise between NSR and Henry Robert Shirreff (hotel keeper, Stoke upon Trent) for Railway Hotel and ... 1851 Sept
RAIL 532/102 Conditional bill of sale from Henry Robert Shirreff to NSR for securing £3,254 15s 3d and interest; ... 1851 Sept
RAIL 532/103 Agreement between NSR and Henry Robert Shirreff for additions to Railway Hotel, Stoke 1856
RAIL 532/104 Lease from NSR to Henry Robert Shirreff of North Stafford Railway Hotel and refreshment rooms, Stoke ... 1872
RAIL 532/105 Bond from Cannock Mineral Railway Company (CMR) and Thomas Brassey (of Lowndes Square, Middx) & ... 1858 Apr
RAIL 532/106 Contract between Thomas Brassey (railway contractor, Great George Street, Westminster) & William ... 1860
RAIL 532/107 Agreement between Midland Wagon Company and NSR for rental of two hundred and fifty wagons 1860 Mar
RAIL 532/108 Contract between John Hill (of Crewe) and NSR for widening viaduct over River Trent near Stoke 1864 Aug
RAIL 532/109 Contract between John Hill and John Goddard (of Longton, Staffs) & William Massey (of Newport, S ... 1864 Sept
RAIL 532/110 Agreement between NSR and Richard Samuel France (contractor of public works, Shrewsbury) for withdra ... 1864 Aug
RAIL 532/111 Agreement between NSR and Mary Kinnersley (widow, Clough Hall, Staffs) & Georgiana Mary Attwood (spinster, Edgbaston, Warw) concerning opposition to various proposed bills to authorise railways effecting Clough Hall 1865 Nov
RAIL 532/112 Agreement between Shrewsbury & Potteries Junction Railway Company (SPJ) and NSR for withdrawal o ... 1866 June
RAIL 532/113 Award of Rupert Alfred Kettle (judge of County Count of Warwickshire) concerning matter of damages b ... 1866 May
RAIL 532/114 Copy of award of Henry Tyrwhitt Jones Macnamara (barrister) concerning matter of damages between H W ... 1866 Nov
RAIL 532/115 Copy of award of Henry Tyrwhitt Jones Macnamara (barrister) concerning matter of damages between H W ... 1868 Mar
RAIL 532/116 Agreement between NSR & Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Company and Macclesfield, Bollington & Marple Railway Company (MBM) for guarantee of dividend 1869 June
RAIL 532/117 Agreement between NSR and Sampson Samuel Lloyd & Timothy Kenrick (both of Birmingham) for subscr ... 1869 June; 1871 July
RAIL 532/118 Agreement between Baron Camoys & Robert Heath (iron masters, Brampton, Newcastle under Lyne) and ... 1870 June
RAIL 532/119 Contract between John Pickering & William Pickering (railway contractor, Blackfriars, London) an ... 1870 Sept
RAIL 532/120 Valuation by John Thomas Woodhouse (Midland Railway Company) of coal and ironstone left to support r ... 1874 June
RAIL 532/121 Assignment from Jabez Spencer Balfour & John Lucas Balfour (coal and iron masters and carpenters ... 1884 Oct
RAIL 532/122 Release from indemnity from NSR to Trent & Mersey Navigation Company concerning construction of ... 1848 Aug
RAIL 532/123 Copy of agreement between Duke of Devonshire and NSR for diversion of River Dove and erection of bri ... 1846 June
RAIL 532/124 Articles of agreement between NSR and Francis Stainer (iron master, Newcastle under Lyme) for constr ... 1852 May
RAIL 532/125 Articles of agreement between NSR and John Edensor Heathcote (of Apedale Hall, Staffs) for voiding o ... 1856 Aug
RAIL 532/126 Copy of deed of covenant between Ralph Sneyd (of Keele Hall, Staffs) and Thomas Hornby Birley (cotto ... 1861 Nov
RAIL 532/127 Draft of agreement between Ralph Sneyd & Robert Denniston (iron and coal master, High Carr, Staf ... 1865 Aug
RAIL 532/128 Notice from George Parker Bidder, Samuel Parker Bidder & George Elliot to NSR of intention to wo ... 1865 Aug
RAIL 532/129 Agreement between LNWR and NSR for expenditure of road at and working and maintenance of Colwich Station 1868 May
RAIL 532/130 Agreement between Thomas Redfern (of Leek) and NSR for limestone at Cauldon Lowe 1872 Oct
RAIL 532/131 NSR's bye laws 1874
RAIL 532/132 Agreement between Stoke Fenton & Longton Gas Company and NSR for gas supply and coke 1874 June
RAIL 532/133 Certificate for amendment of bye law no 9 1875 July
RAIL 532/134 Grant from NSR to W H Smith & Son for exclusive right to sell books, newspapers and other articles and advertise in stations 1875 July; 1890
RAIL 532/135 Agreement between NSR and Georgiana Mary Attwood (spinster, Edgbaston, Warw) for laying of culvert b ... 1876 Aug
RAIL 532/136 Lease from NSR to Allsopp & Sons (brewers, Burton on Trent) of stable at Ashbourne Station for s ... 1877 July
RAIL 532/137 Articles of agreement between Great Western Railway Company and NSR concerning costs of Market Drayt ... 1877-1936
RAIL 532/138 Agreement between NSR and Chatterley Iron Co Ltd for compromise concerning laying of railway and tolls 1879 Dec
RAIL 532/139 Draft heads of agreement between NSR and New North Staffordshire Coal & Iron Company concerning ... 1879
RAIL 532/140 Lease from NSR to Michael Thomas Bass, Richard Ratcliffe, John Gretton, Joseph Spender Clay, Michael ... 1879 Dec
RAIL 532/141 Agreement between Duke and Earl of Sutherland and NSR for withdrawal of opposition to North Stafford ... 1880 Apr
RAIL 532/142 Lease from NSR to HM Postmaster General of land and buildings near Stoke Station for twenty-one year ... 1875 July
RAIL 532/143 Deed of covenant between Thomas Spendelow Richards (of Edgbaston) & Edward Lamb Sabin (barrister ... 1869 Jan
RAIL 532/144 Lease from NSR to HM Postmaster General of land adjoining General Post Office, Stoke for five years 1883 May
RAIL 532/145 Agreement between NSR and Fenton Local Board for building over sewers 1884 Nov
RAIL 532/146 Agreement between LNWR and NSR for construction of Middlewood Junction 1885 Feb
RAIL 532/147 Lease from NSR to John Allen Bindley, William Frederick Whetstone & Herbert Bakewell Whetstone ( ... 1885 Nov-1886 May
RAIL 532/148 Licence from Thomas Gething Clayton (engineer, Derby) to NSR for use of patent for rolling stock couplings 1886 Apr
RAIL 532/149 Agreement between NSR and Jadez Spencer Balfour & John Lucas Balfour (iron and coal masters, Lon ... 1884 Sept
RAIL 532/150 Lease from NSR to Northampton Brewery Co Ltd of Railway Tavern, Mill Street, Hanley for seven years 1887 Oct
RAIL 532/151 Lease from NSR to John Gill (hotel keeper, Rudyard, Staffs) of Rudyard Hotel, Rudyard for seven year ... 1887 July
RAIL 532/152 Grant from NSR to Charles Francis Freston (chemist) & Arthur Lionel Hatherley (advertising cont ... 1888 June
RAIL 532/153 Agreement between NSR, North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and Manchester Ship Canal Company for ... 1894 Sept
RAIL 532/154 Underlease from Henry Robert Shirreff to Christian Charles Frederick Robert Patzer (of Clapton, Midd ... 1873 Jan
RAIL 532/155 Lease from NSR to C C F R Patzer of North Staffordshire Hotel and refreshment rooms, Stoke for seven ... 1889 May
RAIL 532/156 Lease from NSR to C C F R Patzer of North Staffordshire Hotel and refreshment rooms, Stoke for seven ... 1895 Sept
RAIL 532/157 Lease from NSR to HM Postmaster General of post office buildings and land Stoke Station for twenty-o ... 1889 Aug
RAIL 532/158 Articles of agreement between NSR and John Edensor Heathcote (of Apedale Hall, Staffs) for cancellin ... 1851 June
RAIL 532/159 Lease from NSR to Frank Wright (corn miller, Ashbourne, Derb) of land and warehouses to be erected i ... 1891 July
RAIL 532/160 Memorandum of agreement between NSR and Automatic Scent Fountain Company for placing twenty-four machines at stations. 1891 Sept
RAIL 532/161 Agreement between NSR and Patent Monument Automatic Box Co Ltd for privilege to place boxes for sale of cigars and cigarettes on stations. 1891 Sept
RAIL 532/162 Lease from NSR to Bass, Ratcliffe & Gretton Ltd of rooms in goods warehouse at Stoke for fourtee ... 1892 Aug
RAIL 532/163 Bond from Mary Maclean Alcock (widow, Port Hill, Staffs), Henry Alcock (earthenware manufacturer, Le ... 1892 Oct
RAIL 532/164 Agreement between NSR and Talk o th' Hill Colliery Co Ltd for workman's train on Talk o th' Hill Branch. 1893 Feb
RAIL 532/165 Guarantee between John Gerrard Aynsley (china manufacturer), John Aynsley (china manufacturer), Step ... 1893 June
RAIL 532/166 Agreement between Cheadle Railway Mineral & Land Co Ltd and NSR for maintenance of junction near ... 1893 Aug; 1901 May
RAIL 532/167 Lease from NSR to William Plant & George Herbert Plant (decorators and plumbers, Longton) of roo ... 1893 Sept
RAIL 532/168 Deed of arrangement between Joseph Meir Watkin (bricks and tile manufacturer, Burslem) and NSR conce ... 1893 Jan
RAIL 532/169 Agreement between Talk o th' Hill Colliery Ltd and NSR for surety of carriage account 1894 May
RAIL 532/170 Agreement between NSR and Variety Automatic Supply Stores Ltd for placing of machines for sale of items other then chocolate. ... 1895 Feb
RAIL 532/171 Lease from NSR and Ind Coope & Co Ltd of cellars in casement of stables at goods station store, Stoke for three years 1895 Mar
RAIL 532/172 Draft deed of covenants between NSR and John Edensor Heathcote (of Apedale Hall, Staffs) for mainten ... 1853
RAIL 532/173 Grant from Midland Railway Company (MR) to NSR of NSR's right to run trains over MR's lines between ... 1851 Jan
RAIL 532/174 Memorandum of agreement between NSR and Thomas Francis Hazlehurst (of Rugby, Warw) for siding at Wol ... 1865 Jan
RAIL 532/175 Memorandum of agreement between NSR and Thomas Francis Hazlehurst (of Misterton Hall, Leics) for sid ... 1884 Jan
RAIL 532/176 Agreement between NSR and William Bates (iron master, Ravensdale Iron Works, Tunstall) for siding ne ... 1863 May
RAIL 532/177 Agreement between NSR and William Bates for construction and use of bridges in Wolstanton 1864 Feb
RAIL 532/178 Memorandum of agreement between NSR and William Bates for siding on Talk Branch 1866 Mar
RAIL 532/179 Award of Capt Douglas Galton (late of Royal Engineers, Grosvenor Place, Middx) concerning matter of ... 1871 July
RAIL 532/180 Agreement between Manchester Ship Canal and NSR for rates over Bridgewater Canals Undertaking 1892 Mar
RAIL 532/181 Agreement between NSR and Wengers Ltd (ceramic colour manufacturers, Hunley, Staffs) for sidings at ... 1899-1957
RAIL 532/182 Agreement between NSR and LMV for working and maintenance of LMV 1905 May
RAIL 532/183 Supplemental agreement between NSR and LMV to agreement of 23 May 1905 1912 Jan
RAIL 532/184 Plan of proposed accommodation bridge at Crumpwood undated
RAIL 532/185 Agreement between NSR and Bullers Ltd for siding at Milton 1919 July
RAIL 532/186 Agreement between Manchester Ship Canal Company and NSR for withdrawal of NSR's petition against Can ... 1920 July
RAIL 532/187 Undertaking from Thomas Brassey to NSR that £45,000 in bonds will not prejudice contract 1849 Jan
RAIL 532/188 Plan showing Chatterley Company's working under Loop Line at Pinnox Colliery 1873 Dec
RAIL 532/189 Draft petition of the Great Western Railway Company against the North Staffordshire Railway Company No. ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/190 Copy petition of the Great Western Railway Company against the North Staffordshire Railway Company No. ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/191 Petition of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company against the North Staffordshire Railway Company No. ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/192 Original petition of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company against a Bill to eq ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/193 Draft bill for altering tolls on the Trent and Mersey Navigation and part of the Macclesfield Canal 1852 Dec 17
RAIL 532/194 Clause proposed for equalising facilities to traffic from Preston Brook and Hall Green 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/195 Defendants points for argument between the North Staffordshire Railway Company (plaintiff) and the L ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/196 Bill for altering tolls on the Trent and Mersey Navigation and part of the Macclesfield Canal 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/197 North Staffordshire Railway (Colwich to Wolverhampton etc) Bill: clause proposed to be inserted on p ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/198 North Staffordshire Railway No. 1 Bill: motion for an instruction to Committee in relation to the pe ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31
RAIL 532/199 Draft petition of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company, praying for instructio ... 1852 Jan 10 - Dec 31

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