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The NSR as a School Project

The coming of the railways was crucial to Britain's economic development in the second half of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th. The North Staffordshire Railway was no exception, playing a key rôle in the economic and social development of North Staffordshire and its hinterland over the same period of time.

Thus the study of a railway company, and the North Staffordshire Railway in particular, can be very rewarding in itself. It also readily lends itself to the teaching of local geography and history - social, commercial and industrial. In addition such study affords opportunities for field trips either in the immediate vicinity of the Potteries or a little further afield, perhaps by train.

If any student or pupil reading this would like to study the NSR further could you bring this web site to the attention of your teacher and suggest that they get in touch.

If any member of the teaching profession would like further information about the North Staffordshire Railway, perhaps in the context of a project for their pupils/students, then please get in touch.

In terms of getting started there is no better introduction to the North Staffordshire Railway than the book of the same title by Rex Christiansen and Bob Miller. It's no longer in print but is readily available in public libraries and the Stoke-on-Trent City Archive in Hanley. Good quality second hand copies can also be obtained for about £20 via web sites such as ukbookworld and abebooks.

Further reading material can be found by following this Studying link.

Last updated 20/02/16.